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August 3, 2008

Whew, what a summer!  This roller coaster is finally coming to an end.
This was my first summer as a Technology Educator and I have thoroughly enjoyed it!

Summer Workshops, Columbia, SC
June started out with our Summer Workshops.  I taught SMART boards Intro, SMART boards for Media Center Staff, Google Lit Trips, Geocaching, and Web2.0 Tools.
Teachers using GPS devices.

(Teachers using GPS devices)

UTC, Greenville, SC
At the end of our workshops, MaryAnn, Elizabeth, and I traveled to Greenville for the Upstate Technology Conference.  They were presenting but I was just attending.  One of my schools has decided to go with Promethean ACTIVboards.  Since I am a SMART Certified Trainer, I figured I needed to get “smart” with Promethean too!  Greenville County seems to have mostly Promethean boards so they had many classes for me to attend.  I also wanted to hear the keynote speakers, Ewan McIntosh and David Jakes.

NECC, San Antonio, Texas
This was my first National education conference so I was really excited about the trip!  The conference itself did not live up to my expectations but everything else did.
On Day 1, I ran into a “celebrity” on the elevator.  Mr. Google Lit Trips…Jerome Burg.
I have been using his site for almost a year and have taught classes and done presentations on creating GLTs.  I was so excited to see him that I shrieked like a star-struck groupie.  I may have even scared his wife…sorry Mrs. GLT!
Me with \

(Me and “The Google Lit Trip Guy!!” aka Jerome Burg)

SMART Version 10 Training, Chicago, Illinois
My last big trip was to Chicago for more SMART training.  Elizabeth, MaryAnn, and I were continuing our SMART certification by attending this class.  Once we get back we will have to video a lesson to upgrade from 9.7 certification to Version 10.  The best part of the trip though did not involve work!  MaryAnn and I stayed an extra day so we could play.  We went to the Aquarium, shopped, ate good food, and saw a Cirque du Soleil show.  I have seen a Cirque show before and this one did not fail me.  It was phenomenal!

(Shedd Aquarium)

SCETV Workshops, Columbia, SC
I didn’t have to travel far for this one, but it is definitely worth mentioning.  I did 2 Google Lit Trip presentations at ETV this past week.  ETV holds FREE workshops for educators several times a year.  They are a great form of Professional Development and they are free!  From these workshops, I have had the opportunity meet and connect with many people from around the state.

Well,  I am back in town for now.  I am excited about the teachers and students coming back to school in a few weeks.  That means I can get back on a regular schedule.
I’m looking forward to a great year in Richland One with a new Superintendent, a new Technology Educator joining our team, and new ideas for trainings at my schools.

BTW, I did get a few days in with my family at the beach!! It rained :( but I got to see my parents, sister, and nieces so the trip was worth it.

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