SCASL 23 Things!

October 13, 2008

This year, I have joined the IT Committee of SCASL. This year’s SCASL President , Valerie Byrd Fort, has begun a great journey for all of its members and challenged us to participate in 23 Things. So, here it goes!

I checked out the 7 and 1/2 lifelong learning habits…

Easiest: 7 and 1/2- Play!
I love to Play!  Growing up, my dad always got the latest “gadgets” and I quickly developed the same desire.  For example, I do NOT need a Blackberry.  But I HAD to have one.  Now that I do, I love it!!

Hardest: Habit 1- Begin with the end in mind
I am definitely a planner, but I don’t always begin with the end in mind.  I must say though that this isn’t always a bad thing!  I am often pleasantly surprised with the endings of my projects, trainings, etc.

Since I am starting my 23 Things a few weeks behind…I am moving on to the next task.

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