Reading Blogs isn’t just for Education Anymore!

April 20, 2009

I began reading blogs to find out more about technology and how it works with education. As I subscribed to many different types of blogs, I found that there were others out there that I wanted to read.  I didn’t actually know the people that were writing them, but who doesn’t want to know about cooking, celebrity gossip, and other fun stuff!!??

In the past year, I have found that people I know outside the education field are blogging too! Now I know that people have been blogging about tv, scrapbooking, babies, etc for a long time but I didn’t know them.

I wanted to share some of the categories/topics/people that I know that are blogging. My aggregator has so many categories now that I can hardly keep up with it!
Babies: Caroline began posting about friends’ and family members’ babies, but now posts about her own!

Reflections on Daily Life: Crist posts on her personal thoughts and insights into life…very funny one!  She often talks about the ridiculousness of people in our society. Morgan writes about random thoughts and shares great finds in music, jewelry, and other fun stuff. Sandy has moved to London and wants to share her new endeavors with all of us back in SC.  What a great way to keep in touch!

Gossip: If anyone is going to tell it like it is, it’s a McFaddin.  Callie posts about celeb sightings in NYC, award shows, and shares her hilarious opinion on it all.

And some other Top Faves…but I don’t know them.

Cooking: Recipes, gadgets, and more in the kitchen.  I like to pretend that I know how to cook!

Gossip: This blog is named The Insanely Addictive PopSugar and let me tell you , it is insanely addictive!  I hate that I love to read about celebrities and what they are up to now.  But who doesn’t want to know where Reese and Jake are, what Jennifer Aniston is wearing, or what Katie and Suri are doing this weekend without Tom?


For you other educators out there: What other types of blogs do you read?  Do you write non-educational posts in your blog?

For folks not in the educational field: Do you use an aggregator to follow the blogs you read?  Do you read any blogs about education?

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  •    Jeff Richardson  |  April 24th, 2009 at 7:28 am     

    Yeah, love reading what I call “just for fun” blogs that aren’t tech or ed. I have a few cycling blogs (I am a road cyclist) I read as well as some family and friend blogs I check out to keep up with those who are not so close to me. My wife has a bunch of mom blogs she reads and as of late, she rss’s some great “couponing” sites that help her find deals at places like Publix and Walgreens. As for non-ed posts on my edtech blog…well, I tend to save those for the family blog we have over at but my professional blog is pretty young so I guess only time will tell as to what kinds of posts I put up there.


  •    MaryAnn Sansonetti  |  April 29th, 2009 at 5:28 am     

    I read a lot of paper crafting, news, leadership, and enviromental blogs. Not very exciting, I know.

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